We love doing collaborations with other UIUC organizations or the surrounding community.

Collaborations provide us with fundraising events or unique socialization experiences for our dogs.

If you're interested in providing us with a socialization experience, having our dogs attend your event, or plan an event with us please read over our "Collaboration Guidelines" and then follow the steps to steps to set it up!

Check our Gallery section for pictures from previous collaborations!

Collaboration Guidelines:

Planning a Collaboration:

  • If we feel the event will be too loud or stressful for our dogs we will have to decline your invitation

  • If we collab on a fundraiser the profits must be split and your organization must cover the supply cost for (EX: posters, goodies for sale, etc.) as our supplies will be our dogs

  • We do NOT do events where our dogs are there solely to be pet unless it is a fundraiser. Our dogs are service dogs in training not therapy dogs. Schools are the exception as our dogs are placed with children so any positive experiences with children are great!

  • Our dogs have the same access as fully trained service dogs, so we can have collabs anywhere!

  1. Email us,, that'd you like to collaborate

  2. You will discuss with our Collaborations Chair

  3. You'd Like Us To Attend Your Event: tell us the information about your event (time, date, locations, etc.)

  4. You'd Like to Think Together on an Event: tell us some ideas for events and we can brainstorm, then decide on a day & time together

  5. If we are able to do the event we will accept!

  6. We will send our Collaboration Agreement form to be signed by your organization

  7. Communicate to further plan the event and finalize details

  8. See you with our pups at the event!