Meet the Fabulous Flunkies

Meet the dogs who were SDiTs on UIUC's campus, but ended up deciding the service dog life was not for them and are currently enjoying the pet life! The dogs could have flunked for many reasons (behavior, health, etc.) but we love them just the same.


Litter: Italian Cities

Birthday: 3/10/23

Breed: Golden Retriever

Primary: Martyna Jarzyna

Litter: 4 Paws 5K

Birthday: 7/1/23

Breed: Golden Lab

Primary: Giuliana Ramirez



Litter: Sunshine

Birthday: 7/25/23

Breed: Golden Lab

Primary: Dustin Carbray


Litter: June Sky

Birthday: 6/10/2023

Breed: Golden Lab

Primary: Kacee Kaiman & Monica Kopinski