All the members of our organization are volunteers who give their time to supporting our dogs on their journey.

On top of volunteering their time, our volunteer trainers also spend their own money to cover the cost of supplies for their service dog in training. This includes transportation costs, toys, treats, hygiene supplies, poop bags, and more. Our volunteer trainers are also full time college students, so many are not able to work but still spend money on their dog.

Help out our volunteer trainers and dogs on their service dog journey by donating!

Consider donating to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

Your donation will go towards our pups and helping them on their journey to become a service dog! We will use the money to cover vet costs, get treats & toys for our dogs, transportation costs, and get our volunteer trainers needed supplies for their dogs.

How Can I Donate?

  • Zelle donation:

  • Ship us goodies/supplies: email us for info (

  • Want to donate another way? Just email us and we'll discuss!

Some donations we received from some very generous companies and organizations to make pup baskets for our primary trainers!

If you're a company and would like to donate some products to us, email us!