The University of Illinois Litter

Learn about our litter and follow their journey

Thanks to a fundraiser held by Aspen Wine Company in May 2023, we were able to raise over $12,000. We donated $10,000 to 4 Paws for Ability in Ohio to sponsor our own litter of future service dogs. This donation "helps by providing all vaccines to a new litter, feeding the new litter, equipping a new litter with gear, and covering the costs associated with new litter care at the Ability Center."

We got to decide our sponsored litter's theme and provide names to the breeder dogs' guardian home to choose from. We named our litter "The UIUC Litter" and gave the guardians a list of 10 boy and 10 girl names to choose from. All of the provided names were about things, places, or people at the University of Illinois.

Our litter of six golden-doodle puppies were born on 11/27/2023 and are the puppies of Feliciana and Superbolt. There were two girls (Alma and Urbana) and four boys (Grange, Ike, Illini, and Murphy).

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SDiT Journey Timeline:


Born at 4 Paws for Ability


Went to Prison Program


Returned from Prison Program & Went Out to Foster

Meet The Pups:


Named After: The "Alma Mater" statue, one of the most significant landmarks on campus.


Named After: Grange Grove, the tailgate field that welcomes all to the university's football stadium.


Named After: Ikenberry Commons, one of the most popular building with a dining hall, study spaces, library, cafe, & mini market.




Named After: Illini, the nickname for the university students, alumni, and athletic teams.

Named After: Murphy's Pub, one of the most popular pubs on campus with arguably the best burgers on campus.

Named After: Urbana, one of the two towns in which the university is located.