2024-2025 Executive Board


Emily Panczyk

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience

Minor: Animal Sciences & Business

Primary for: Carver

Year: Junior

Major: Animal Sciences with a Companion Animal and Equine Science concentration

Year: Junior

Major: Animal Sciences with a Science, Pre-Veterinary & Medical concentration

Vice President

Kadence Perry


Kylee Hale

Year: Senior

Major: Developmental Psychology

Minor: Child Health & Well-Being

Fundraising Chair

Maria Kereakes

Head of Communications

Kacee Kaiman

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Social Work

Primary for: Trento

Membership Director

Aoife Walsh

Year: Senior

Major: English

Year: Sophomore

Major: Integrative Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Year: Senior

Major: Community Health

Minor: Kinesiology & Public Health

Primary for: Penelope

Head of Merchandise

Julia Lisiecki

Philanthropy Chair

Yanelli Carrasco

Public Relations

Chris Rodriguez

Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

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