Secondary Handler

Secondary Handlers:

Secondary handlers are puppy sitters! As well as being able to puppy sit, secondaries are able to learn more about service dogs, and come to all of our events.

What Do Sitters Do:

• Secondaries will be able to puppy sit once they are certified by 4 Paws for Ability and attend at least one 4 Paws at UIUC training session on campus.

• When you puppy sit & how often is determined by YOU! Once you have finished the secondary process you will be added to the Sitters GroupMe. There, Primaries will message when they need sitters. If you are available just message them to say you can watch their pup!

• Sitters do not need any supplies, the Primaries will give Sitters all the supplies they need while watching the SDiT.

• Sitters are allowed to bring the SDiT anywhere the public can go! Examples: classes, the Union, stores, restaurants, your dorm/apartment, etc.

Club Events:

  • General Meetings

  • Training sessions

  • Fundraisers

  • Collaborations

  • Member Socials

  • Field Trips

Secondary Handlers also have the opportunity to join a specific dog's team at training sessions!

Secondary Handler Process:

The only requirements to become a general member is to pay dues.

Pay Dues

Next, we will add you to our weekly email list where you will receive club updates, information on upcoming events, and more!

Added to Email List

Come to Events

You'll be able to come all our 4 Paws events, learn about service dogs and of course dog sit the pups once certified!

Once Certified: Puppy Sit

Once added to our Sitters GroupMe you'll be able to puppy sit whenever you can! There is no maximum or minimum amount of times you need to puppy sit.

Getting Certified to Puppy Sit:


Information Session

Canvas Couse

Attend 1 Training Session

Attend 1 of our 4 Paws at UIUC training sessions so we can get to know you and go over some sitter information!

Go through the Canvas Course and complete the quiz. This holds ALL the information & rules about handling and working with 4 Paws' dogs.

Once you complete the application, you can sign up for a virtual or in person Information Session hosted by headquarters to get to know 4 Paws and what they do and how you want to fit in!

Fill out the Volunteer Trainer Application on 4 Paws for Ability's website

In Person Orientation & Classes

Attend an in person orientation at 4 Paws for Ability in Ohio. Then complete the into and dog handling classes.

- 4 hours total to complete all