What We Do

What is 4 Paws for Ability?

How Does 4 Paws UIUC Fit In?

4 Paws for Ability is nonprofit 501(c)(3) service dog training organization based in Xenia, Ohio. They breed, raise, and train service dogs in preparation to assist their partner with specific tasks and skills that mitigate the impacts of their partner’s disabilities.

4 Paws places 11 different types of task-trained service dogs to children with disabilities and veterans returning from combat.

Learn More → 4pawsforability.org

Our Volunteer Trainers (VT) take part in the dogs’ first stage training by socializing and training the service dogs in training (SDiT).

Our VT’s first job is socialization. This entails exposing the SDiT to as many things as possible so they are confident and ready to do anything as a service dog.

Our VT’s second job is basic obedience and manners. This ensures that the SDiT will display proper behavior and act in a respectful manner.

The end result for our SDiT should be a confident, respectful dog that is able to take on anything!