What Are SDiT Teams?

SDiT Teams are for people who want to get more involved with our dogs. People can choose to be a SDiT Team member for a certain dog on campus and they will join that dog's team and be able to help that primary work with their dog at every training session!

We hopes this makes members feel more included, and offers another type of involvement and opportunity for those to work with our dogs, especially for those who can't make the trips to Ohio to get certified.

  • 4 SDiT Team members per dog

  • You don't have to be certified (non-certified members can help train as long they don't directly handle the dog & a certified member still holds the dog's leash)

  • Most active SDiT Team member each semester gets a prize!

We will have sign ups for each dog before each training session, so being a committee secures your spot with your chosen dog!

How To Join A SDiT Team?

1. Attend Training Sessions

Attend 2 training sessions to meet the dogs and get a feel for all the dogs & where they’re at in their training

2. Able to Join A SDiT Team

After 2 training sessions you can choose if you’d like to be added to a SDiT Team. We can also assign you to a SDiT Team if you want!

  • You don't have to decide after only 2 training sessions

  • Reach out to the President to be added to a SDiT Team